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100 Drawings on Cheap Paper

Ten sessions - $275 to be scheduled again soon.

You must read About Online Workshops before purchasing.

How do you make good art? How do you make art that is truly yours? My view is that there are no tricks, gimmicks, or shortcuts to this elusive goal: it just takes a lot of art making to cultivate your inner awareness of who you are as an artist.

Fortunately, making a lot of art is fun, if you can let go of the expectations and negative voices (that inner critic!) that get in your way. That is a big ‘if’, and the key is practice. In this workshop we will focus on quantity – making a lot of pieces (ten each week) from a given starting point.

The pieces don’t have to be “good”; they don’t even have to be finished. By focusing on particular elements each week, and creating quantity, you begin to let go of the constant judgment and evaluation that can get you stuck, and you get the practice you need to move through the ordinary frustrations of making art.

Loosen up, be expansive and generous with yourself, and have fun! We use drawing and painting media, as well as collage (optional) in some lessons.  

This is an intermediate course, open to those with familiarity with acrylic painting materials and basic understanding of color. If you have taken any courses in painting, or had at least some experience with the medium, you qualify.

This workshop is ten sessions, one per week, each consisting of illustrated instructions in PDF format, and some including a video demonstration. For the duration of the workshop you will have access to a group blog in which you can post your work, comments, questions, etc.

Please read About Online Workshops before you contact me or my assistant with questions.  

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