4″x4″x400 Project

What it is

This is a project in which I am challenging myself to create 400 pieces of Teeny Tiny art, each piece 4"x4".  One rule of this project is that I make at least eight pieces in a given day, not just a few here and a few there.  Each group is based on a few parameters - color, composition, or specific visual vocabulary - so that I work out ideas in series.

How You Can Participate

  • You can follow the 4"x4"x400 Project on my blog, watch video tutorials, and see the 4"x4" work I am posting.
  • You can create your own 4"x4" art and post it on our Flickr Group.  This is a public group, so anyone can join.  The only rule is that the art you post be 4"x4".  To post on Flickr, first open your own free Flickr account, or photostream.  Join our group.  Upload your 4"x4" pieces to your own photostream, and then add them to the group.  Go here to learn how to start your own Flickr account.

  • For $10 you can download a set of twelve 4"x4" greeting cards with an envelope template.  The art on the cards is my own 4"x4" art.  Just print as many as you like, create your own envelopes from the template included, and send out 4"x4" greetings!

Set of 12 4"x4" Greeting Cards, downloadable, $10


This is the art depicted on the greeting cards.


Why 4"x4"?

I've decided on the 4"x4" size because it takes less space, time, and materials than working larger.  Simple as that.  It seems like a friendly size, non-threatening.  In addition, it is in counterpoint to my Big Fat Art, more of which is posted here.
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