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* A 1 session Zoom workshop that was on July 29. Order now and watch the video and get the PDF.

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Commitment to process is an important key to getting unstuck. We have a habit of focusing on results, setting expectations, and making judgements accordingly. We want to know how things will turn out; we want to avoid uncertainty by planning, so that we get it ‘right’. While this habit of planning for results is essential for most activities in our lives (I don’t dispute the value of planning!), it does seem to be one of the main reasons that we get stuck as artists.  

In this short session I will show you five of my favorite ways to get out of a rut and into a groove. These exercises help you let go of planning and judgement, and re-orient your perspective to one of curiosity and inquiry.

Two of the five practices – the five-minute painting, and ‘continuous collage’, we can do together in real time. The other three I will demonstrate on pre-recorded video, and you can do on your own (they require drying time). This mini workshop is on zoom, so you can ask questions in the chat. I will get to as many of them as I can. The recording will be available to all who sign up, even if you miss the live session.

5 Ways to Get Unstuck - $40