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Books and Videos


Paint, Paper, Pattern! Create Your Own Collage Papers

In this series of sixteen videos you will learn a whole new vocabulary of techniques for creating your own collage papers, including making your own stamps and stencils, spattering and dripping High Flow paint, staining tissue paper, altering printed text, using oil pastel, and much more. Making collage papers that are uniquely yours is a great way to engage with your materials, explore pattern, and discover new color combinations. Each video is all new, original, material. All the techniques are accessible to beginners through advanced painters.

16 Videos, 1 hour and 12 minutes, Purchase here for $29.95


Elements of Visual Language Technique Demonstration Video Series

This series of videos is like taking a live workshop with me, in terms of technique demonstrations. Each video focuses on a specific type of visual vocabulary – line, shape, mass, pattern, and texture – and they follow the structure of “The Elements of Visual Language.” I demonstrate many of the techniques on works in process, so you get some idea of how they might be used.

These videos are professionally shot and edited. Each one is all new, original material. If you have taken a live workshop with me or purchased my book, these videos will give you more detail and insight on techniques and how to apply them. If you are new to painting or new to my workshops, they will serve as an introduction to my techniques and teaching style.

5 Videos, 1 hour 27 minutes,  Purchase here for $29.95



Abstract Painting The Elements of Visual Language

Abstract Painting: The Elements of Visual Language examines and articulates a vocabulary of visual elements from which you build images, abstract or otherwise. As you examine line, shape, pattern, texture, depth, and color in detail, you become more aware of the elements that make up a painting, and better able to observe your own work without judgment and self-criticism.

Buy the printed book, $24.95, on Amazon.

Buy the PDF book, $11.95.


Collage Papers

This is a book of over seventy full-size decorative papers that you can use for collage and other paper craft projects. They are all designed and derived from my abstract paintings.

Enjoy cutting them up and combining with your own hand-painted papers or ephemera, for collages, journals, greeting cards, and more. As you examine line, shape, pattern, texture, depth, and color in detail, you become more aware of the elements that make up a painting, and better able to observe your own work without judgment and self-criticism.

Buy the printed book, $29.95, on Amazon.



DVD, Creative Catalyst Productions Scribble Collage with Hand-Painted Papers - DVD (Well, this is a DVD, not a book).

In this workshop you see Jane’s high energy approach to glazing, textures, spritzing & blotting, painting, spattering, non-traditional uses of the brayer, mono-printing, uses of the gel plate, resists, alcohol, sumi-e ink, altered paper, staining and layering.

Jane then tackles composition in collage. She demonstrates using a grid study. She then moves on to a landscape style composition. You hear her describe the rationale of her choices. Seeing her work is fun, enlightening and freeing!

Order from Creative Catalyst Productions.


Book cover of Collage Papers

Books In Which My Work Appears:

The Art of Crayon: Draw, Color, Resist, Sculpt, Carve!

Create astonishing artwork with crayons!

Crayons aren't just for kids anymore! Sculptors use them whole, bundling thousands of crayons to create environmental and installation-size sculptures. Carvers pierce and reshape crayons with scalpels, turning them into mini totems, helixes, and portrait busts. Landscape and still-life artists layer crayon shades in works on paper that rival paintings in their subtlety and depth. What will you do?!

Buy here.


Gelli Plate Printing

Meet your dream plate and fall in love with a faster, friendlier approach to printmaking.

For artists and crafters who love the creative possibilities of monoprinting on gelatin but not the prep time, mess and inconvenience that comes with it, the Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate is a dream come true! It's durable, reusable, stored at room temperature, and ready to get creative whenever you are. Simply apply paint with a soft rubber brayer, make your marks and pull your print. It's that simple! Wipe the plate down with a spritz of water and a paper towel, and you're ready to go again.

Buy here.


Sketchbook Challenge

Have you ever bought a new sketchbook, opened to the first page, and thought, "Now what do I do?" Sue Bleiweiss and the talented minds behind The Sketchbook Challenge are here to help.

Imagine a supportive community of artists sharing the innermost pages of their sketchbooks and offering you tips and techniques for overcoming creative blocks. That's what The Sketchbook Challenge is all about, and the popular blog of the same name has already inspired thousands.

Buy here.


Art From Intuition

Practical self-help for artists who want to free their creativity. Art from Intuition offers artists everywhere a unique system for freeing their own creative intuition, the sixth sense that directs an artist’s drive and work. By letting go of the self-criticism, doubt, and insecurity that discourage artmaking, artists will be able to soar to new heights of creativity. More than 60 practical exercises take the reader from the most basic intuitive art to more sophisticated techniques.  

Buy here.    



Other Books I've Written:

Adventures in Mixed Media: Collage, Stitch, Fuse, and Journal Your Way to a More Creative Life

Adventures in Mixed Media by Jane DaviesMixed media in all its forms—not just traditional two-dimensional, paper-based collage but three-dimensional pieces that include fiber, fabric, a variety of embellishments, found objects, and even repurposed and recycled materials—offers artists an opportunity to move freely across the boundaries of art, craft, painting, quilting, and collage. Adventures in Mixed Media, Jane Davies shows you how to use this art form to enrich your creative expression.

In lessons that inspire creativity, Jane demonstrates a variety of techniques using paper, fabric, embellishments such as beads, feathers, and ribbons, fusible and nonfusible fibers, and even foamcore. Books, bags, mini-quilts, personal shrines, and paper dolls are just some of the projects inside—and of course Jane emphasizes ways to incorporate photos and other personal memorabilia and details into your art. Whether you are a beginner and want to start with techniques like “scribble painting” or “basic collage,” or an expert collage artist eager to learn new uses for familiar materials, this is the book to guide your creative explorations in collage and mixed media.  

Buy from Amazon or Buy from Barnes and Noble.


Collage Journeys: A Practical Guide to Creating Personal Artwork

Collage can be more, much more, than just cutting and pasting. It can be a wonderful art form and a means of self-expression. Collage Journeys presents a series of innovative workshop assignments, each designed to relate the technique and format of a collage to its subject. Gathering materials, generating ideas, painting with paper, working in layers, using text, keeping a visual journal—project by project, new collage skills are explored. Stunning finished pieces offer additional ideas and inspiration. For anyone who has ever wanted to take collage to the next level—adding meaning, subtext, and style—Collage Journeys offers the journey of a lifetime.  

Buy from Amazon or Buy from Barnes and Noble.


Collage with Color: Create Unique, Expressive Collages in Vibrant Color

As beautiful to look at as it is practical, Davies' colorful book takes a fine artist's approach to a craft by using hand-decorated papers to fashion cut-paper collage projects. Separate chapters on papers, paints, and brushes lead off, followed by an excellent section on color theory. The instruction on making patterned papers is, all by itself, worth the price of the book. Crafters will learn how to create gorgeous designs using sgraffito, drip transfer, stamping, masking, stippling, and more. The projects, ranging from gift tags and boxes to lampshades and earrings, are each presented with a separate materials list and abbreviated directions, clarified by a few sharp, full-color photos. These clever ideas buttressed by excellent background material will supply both artists and crafters with plenty of inspiration to go forward with projects of their own.  

Buy from Amazon.


A Glaze of Color: Creating Color and Design on Ceramics

The development of paint-your-own ceramics studios, at which ready-made bisqueware and studio time for decorating it are sold, has made pottery decoration accessible to a wider public than ever before. Ceramics artist Jane Davies demonstrates how to decorate the surface of ready-made bisqueware and tiles using commercially produced decorating colors known as underglazes and other materials to create beautifully colored pieces. Practical step-by-step demonstrations of a variety of application methods-including brushing, shading, sponging, masking, sgrafitto, spattering, stamping, stenciling, marbling, majolica, and underglaze pencils-provide inspiration for decorating tiles, plates, cups, bowls, lamps, vases, and decorative platters. Davies also explores the creative possibilities of colored glazes, as well as decorating pieces after firing with acrylic paint and paper collage.  

Buy from Amazon.


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