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Working in Black And White

* A downloadable work at your own pace workshop

* You must read About Online Workshops before purchasing

* 6 Lessons and 6 videos - $48

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I am very much drawn to the simplicity and austerity of black and white, neutrals, and shades of gray, even though much of my own work relies on color. Color is a powerful language, and it’s often the element we relate to most immediately in a painting. Because it is such a strong element, we sometimes neglect other possibilities of richness and subtlety in our visual expression.

In this course we’ll explore a variety of techniques using only black and white and shades of gray. Each lesson focuses on specific aspects of painting, such as shape, depth, line, pattern, value, etc. This workshop offers the opportunity to develop your sensibilities in the more subtle aspects of painting, which you can then bring to your own art practice. I recommend that you have some experience painting in acrylics before taking this class. It is not a beginner-level class, though the techniques are very accessible.