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* An online interactive blog workshop  

* You must read About Online Workshops before purchasing

* Here is the Supply List

* Weekly Sessions for 5 consecutive weeks - $100.

* To be scheduled soon

De-Stress with Art

colorful Mandala art

Slow down, focus, relax.  

This workshop will engage you in a series of art practices that relieve stress by helping you slow down, declutter the mind, and focus.

Each lesson invites you to take a deep dive into subtle variation within a soothing repetition. The repetition gives you painting practice, while the variations focus your mind and train your eye. All of the techniques are accessible to the beginner, though each practice offers challenges and learning points for artists of every level.

I will introduce one project each week, with videos and handouts, on a dedicated blog, for 5 weeks - $100. We’ll all be having fun, making art, group discussions, and sharing.

Join me for De-Stress with Art.

patterned art mandala