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My Book

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Elements of Visual Language Technique Demonstration  Series

* A downloadable work at your own pace video workshop

* You must read About Online Workshops before purchasing

* 5 videos, 1 hour and 27 minutes,  $29.95

* Purchase Elements videos here

This series of videos is like taking a live workshop with me, in terms of technique demonstrations. Each video focuses on a specific type of visual vocabulary – line, shape, mass, pattern, and texture – and they follow the structure of “The Elements of Visual Language.” I demonstrate many of the techniques on works in process, so you get some idea of how they might be used.

These videos are professionally shot and edited. Each one is all new, original material. If you have taken a live workshop with me or purchased my book, these videos will give you more detail and insight on techniques and how to apply them. If you are new to painting or new to my workshops, they will serve as an introduction to my techniques and teaching style.

These videos follow the structure of my book  structure of The Elements of Visual Language, which can be purchased here.

Art and collage by Jane Davies