Expressive Collage and Painting

Finding Your Own Creative Path

dysfunctional composition8This is a four- or five-day workshop

Join me for a fresh, fun approach to making art. While learning a multitude of creative techniques for combining collage and painting, you focus on the back-and-forth play of spontaneity and intention that characterizes the creative process.  You learn to trust your intuition while exploring color and composition; free your artistic voice by facing your inner critic; and find your creative edge by pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone.  In this collage and painting workshop I focus on process, emphasizing staying present with the work as it develops, rather than focusing on the outcome. This is very much in keeping with mindfulness practices and meditation. Both beginners and experienced artists are welcome. The techniques involved are accessible, and everyone can work at their own level. This workshop is particularly appropriate for artists who feel blocked or stale, and need some fresh inspiration.  
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