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My Book

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Favorite Materials

These are some of the materials I use on a regular basis, or recommend for specific projects.

Kitchen Table Art

Kitchen Table Art Supply List


Blick Bristol Pads: as an alternative to Stonehenge printmaking paper.

Stonehenge: printmaking paper from Blick Art Materials.  This is what I use for substrate paper for my work that is under  20" x 20".  For larger work I use 300lb watercolor paper.

Cheap Drawing Paper: (Sulphite) from Blick Art Materials. I use the 80# 9" x 12" for lifting paint and other small projects, and the 18" x 24" for Big Fat Art.

Not So Cheap drawing paper: (Canson Dessin) used for Big Fat Art is also from Blick Art Materials. This is a little sturdier than the Cheap Drawing Paper, and is also archival.

Deli Paper also known as "dry waxed" paper: it can be found at other stores these are various products at Amazon.

Yupo Ultrasmooth Multimedia Paper: the synthetic paper I use to make masks for gel printing.  It is also an awesome substrate for painting with India Ink.  See a demo here.

Drafting Film and Duralar: I use both of these in making transparent collage material.

Blick Art Tissue Paper: for staining, painting, and making transparent collage material. 12" x 18" 50-pack

Mixed Media Paper Pad: 18 x 24" 15 sheets

Paint and Mediums

Golden Fluid Acrylics: available at Blick Art Materials and elsewhere - brilliant, luminous, strongly pigmented paints in convenient squeeze bottles.  

Golden High Flow Acrylics: Golden's newest acrylic paint similar to acrylic ink.

Heavy Body Acrylics: also by Golden is available at Blick Art Materials (and elsewhere).

Golden Artist Colors: go to Golden for extensive information on all of their acrylic paints and mediums.

Blick Matte Acrylics: also from Blick Art Materials. Opaque, matte, and very good quality for craft paints.

Liquitex Basics

Golden Glazing Medium: available at Blick Art Materials and elsewhere.

Utrecht Matte Acrylic Mediums: I use this for collage, as an adhesive AND a top coat, now owned by Blick Art Materials.

NovaColor Paints: these are inexpensive paints, similar to student grade paints.  They are created using a good binder and very good pigment.  The pigment load is lower than professional grade paints, but they are great when you don't need the full intensity of pigment.

Drawing Materials

Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Artist Crayons

Graphite Crayons

Molotow Empty Markers: markers that you can fill with Golden High Flow Acrylics (see next entry).

Molotow Markers, Mops and Daubers: downloadable informational PDF.

Pitt Pens

Posca Paint Pens

Golden High Flow Acrylics: information and colors.

Tools and Accessories

Spatter Stick

Silicone Squeegees

Dynasty Synthetic Flat Brushes: these are the inexpensive brushes I often use.

Princeton Artist Brush Company: for a greater variety of fine brushes.

Disposable Palettes

Brayers   (soft)

Fine Line Applicator

Wood Panels on Amazon

Cheap Joe's Wood Panels

Stencil Girl: unique artist designed stencils.  

Crafter's Workshop: stencils and metal dies.

My Favorite Suppliers for Basic Art Supplies (the meat and potatoes)

Blick Art Materials

Opus Art Supplies: in Canada.

A few other suppliers

Cheap Joe's

Jerry's Artarama

Daniel Smith Art Materials

JoAnn Fabrics and Michael's Stores: all have good selections of craft paints, but buy your artist-grade paints at one of the above for best price.

ArtistCellar: has great stencils, stamps, writing tools, and loads of art supplies.

Cedar Canyon Textiles: carries the rubbing plates I use for textures.

Gel Printing Plates


Gel Press

Awesome Videos

Creative Catalyst Productions