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Keys to Dynamic Composition

Composition means the arrangements of elements and their relationships to one another within the frame of your painting or collage (or any art form). You can have all the drawing or painting skill in the world, great subject matter and a fantastic sense of color, but a piece lacking in compositional integrity falls short of its full potential. In this six-session workshop you will explore the elements of composition, such as shape, line, color, value, symmetry, repetition, etc., in the context of abstract collage-painting.

You will engage in creative exercises to discover how to use these elements to create balance and variety within a unified whole. You will be using acrylic paint and collage papers/fabrics primarily, but all the same principles apply to watercolor, fiber arts, and mixed media, and so forth, but to keep it simple, all the demonstrations are done in acrylic and collage. Download the supply list.

This workshop is six lessons, each consisting of of illustrated instructions in pdf format, and a video demonstration. You will find access to the videos in the document called "Downloadable Workshops" in the zip file.  Download the lessons; find the videos on a web page.  

Please read About Online Workshops before purchasing this workshop.


6 Lessons, 9 Videos $48

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