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Mark Making - Starting on August 17, 2022

* An online interactive blog workshop  

* You must read Jane's PDF - About Online Workshops before purchasing

* Weekly Sessions for 6 consecutive weeks - $225.

* You can find the supply list here.

* Sold Out

We all make marks of one kind of another, whether doodling while on the phone, drawing a map or diagram, or making art.

In this workshop you will explore a wide variety of materials, and discover techniques through which you can express your unique voice. Instead of going on autopilot when making marks, become conscious of their character, their expressive qualities, and then expand your vocabulary beyond the defaults.

Each of the first five lessons we will explore several materials and techniques, and combine them in various ways. In the final lesson you will choose your own combinations to explore, and create a series of abstract studies.

As usual for an interactive class, I will comment on any work that you post, but the emphasis is on materials and techniques, not making compositions. I will not be “critiquing” your work as much as answering questions suggesting ways of exploring further.