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* An online interactive blog workshop  

* You must read About Online Workshops before purchasing

* Weekly Sessions for 5 consecutive weeks - starting April 6, 2022, $100.

* The supply list is below.

* Full

Mini-collage is one practice I use to get out of my ’thinking’ mode into a visual intuitive flow. This class involves quantity and momentum: practice color mixing, painting, collage, and composition in repetition to get out of your own way and gain the skill of moving out of your rut or getting un-stuck.

Learn to create a broad and sophisticated palette by mixing and modifying colors beyond the traditional color wheel. Combine shapes into multiple configurations to explore compositional possibilities and make so many mini-collages that you get into that non-judgmental zone of pure creating. Discover the freedom and focus of Mini-Collage!

SOME fun, and some agony. The fun:agony ratio is a little different from DeStress Interactive Fun Workshop.

Each lesson will be sent to you via email every Wednesday morning for the duration of the workshop.

Mini Collage - April 6, 2022

Below is a sneak peek video of  Mini Collage.

The video below is the supply list for Mini Collage. You can download the supply list here.

2 abstract art pieces by Jane Davies