Expressive Abstract Painting at OMEGA

The Power of Process  July 6 - 10, 2015

This workshop now open for registration. Me DemonstratingCreating images, whether symbolic, representational, or purely abstract, is a primal creative act.  It is part of who we are as humans, and is accessible to everybody, no matter what level of experience.  Making marks feels good, and gets us back in touch with an instinctive, not-verbal way of expressing ourselves.  Yet we so often face frustration, self-doubt, and other forms of resistance when encountering the Blank Canvas, or later on in the art process when our pieces fall flat, or don’t come out as we’d envisioned.  If making images is so instinctive, fun, and accessible (children do it all the time!), why is it so hard? What expectations and obstacles have we unknowingly put in the way that of free-flowing creative expression? One of the keys to getting back your groove is to focus on process, with an attitude of inquiry and observation. Let go of expectations and judgment and art becomes fun again, with all the wonder and excitement you may have felt in childhood. Both beginners and experienced artists are welcome. The techniques involved are accessible, and everyone can work at their own level. We will be using acrylic paint, collage papers, and drawing materials. This workshop is particularly appropriate for artists who feel blocked or stale, and need some fresh inspiration. Space is limited so that each participant will get individual attention.
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