Abstract Painting and Collage in Santa Fe

July 21 - 25, 2014

Tuition: $595 + tax

Edge Location #7When we say “abstract painting”, we usually mean a painting that is not in the business of representing an object outside itself.  It can evoke mood or suggest specific reference, but it can also be about visual language itself.  In this five-day workshop we’ll focus on the elements of abstract imagery - line, shape, color, texture, pattern, value, etc. - and explore how these elements relate to one another within the boundaries of a painting.  We will create our own collage papers using playful, accessible techniques, and integrate them into the complex, layered surface.   In this workshop I encourage a healthy art practice, with an emphasis on process, and getting into your groove.  We’ll approach each project as a series, so you can let go of the preciousness of individual outcomes, try out different solutions to visual "problems", and give your work the momentum and focus it takes to express your individual creative voice.

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Supply List

  • 90 lb or 140 lb watercolor paper 22”x30”, hot press, or smooth printmaking paper of comparable weight: 10 sheets; more if you prefer working large (we will be working on multiple pieces at once, mostly in the 8”x10” – 10”x10” range, so you will get many pieces out of each sheet).  You may pre-cut your paper to these smaller sizes, or bring a bone folder to fold and tear it in class.
  • Acrylic Matte Medium: one pint.  I recommend Utrecht.  Other brands may be great for mixing with paint, but Utrecht is the best I’ve found for use as a collage adhesive.
  • Acrylic glazing medium: one small bottle
  • Acrylic paint: artist-quality paints such as Golden, Holbein, Utrecht, Tri-Art, Windsor-Newton, Blick Artist Arcylics, etc. You may supplement these with student-grade or craft paints.  My favoriate are Blick Matte Acrylics (not “Blickrylics”).  Include 8 oz bottles of black and white Blick Matte Acrylics.
  • Disposable palette: pad of paper style, 9”x12”
  • Drawing materials: pencils, various pens and markers, graphite sticks, watercolor pencils and crayons, charcoal, (any of these that you care to use)
  • A set of water-soluble crayons such as Caran d’Ache, and/or oil pastels
  • Brushes: bring a variety, including large flat ones (1” or wider), some watercolor brushes, smaller flat ones, glue brushes
  • Brayers: soft rubber, 2” at least, and 3” or 4” if you have them.
  • Optional:  A stash of collage papers.  We are focusing on abstract composition, so we’re not working with images as such.  Think pattern, color, and texture.  We will be creating our own hand-painted papers in class, so bring supplementary papers if you like.
  • Spray bottle for water (think Windex, not a mister)
  • Small spray bottle with rubbing alcohol
  • Big roll of absorbent paper towels
  • Plastic container for water (think quart-size yoghurt)
  • Stamps and stencils of your choice (optional)
You can purchase supplies at the venue, Valdes Art Workshops, or go to my Favorite Materials for recommendations and sources. I will provide loads of drawing paper for various techniques and exercises, drawing materials to share, tools to share, and my stamps and stencils.  Materials fee is $5 (payable at the workshop).
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