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* Take Abstract Collage: Creating Compositions with Tissue Paper on SkillShare

Create a series of painted tissue paper collages using rounded shapes as the elements.

My images are inspired by river rocks, or beach stones from photos I took on the Bay of Fundy, and I call them "Stone Stacks". Keeping the shapes similar allows us to focus on scale. We are limiting our palette to a narrow range of neutral (brown/black/beige/gray) colors so we can focus on value (light and dark) not color. Then we play with the arrangement of elements on the page.

This technique offers infinite possibilities for images. Feel free to post “bonus” projects outside the parameters of the Stone Stacks, once you have completed the main project.

This workshop is on SkillShare which has a month by month subscription. However they usually offer 2 weeks free when you sign up so you can cancel your membership after you take the workshop.

If you are already a SkillShare member the link will take you to this class.

Abstract Collage: Creating Compositions with Tissue Paper