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* A downloadable work at your own pace workshop

* You must read About Online Workshops before purchasing

* 6 Lessons, 8 Videos $48

* Purchase Text and Image here

Did you ever want to express yourself in words and images to make beautifully expressive collage? In this workshop we will explore the power of image-word relationships by pushing beyond traditional “illustrated text” or “photo with caption” formats into a world of complex layers of meaning, exciting surprises, and personal expression.  We will use found text as well as learn many ways of creating our own text.  

Likewise, we’ll incorporate found images, personal photos, altered imagery (including transfers), and our own artwork. We’ll play with fanciful juxtapositions, create mood and atmosphere with color, explore new narrative possibilities, as well as learn basic techniques and principles of collage composition.

This workshop is six lessons, each consisting of of illustrated instructions in pdf format, and a video demonstration. You will find access to the videos in the document called "Downloadable Workshops" in the zip file.  Download the lessons; find the videos on a web page.  


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