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The links below are blog posts that contain video demonstrations and tutorials.

Collage Papers Video
White Paint Test
Mentoring Workshop Video
Enhancing a Color Area
Another Color Mixing Tutorial
Color Mixing Demo
Visual Improv Video
Pink Slip Postcards
Layering Pattern
My work in a Video Advertisement (at 25 seconds in)
High Flow Paint, Again
Working in a Series
Fun and Easy Collage Paper Techniques
House Paint
See a Work in Progress
Hyunmee Lee: Gesture and the Flow
Coloring Pages
Jane Davies the Artist Video
One Day Workshop Images from Stowe, VT Video
Video from Intuitive Painting in Stowe, VT
Drawing the Line
Paint on Glass
Mounting on Panel
Color Mixing
Five Minute Painting #1
Five Minute Painting #2
This and That (Girrrrrls!)
Crayons Again
Crayons and Oil Pastels
Making Collage - Papers and Collage
Stencilgirl - Guest Designer
Monochromatic Painting (Warm Colors for a Cold Winter)
Mixing Celadon
Acrylic Paint Basics #2
Acrylic Paint Basics #1
Layers and Textures in Neutrals
Mark-Making in Black and White
Fun with Stencils
"Automatic" Drawing
Four Quadrants - Extreme Variety
Speed Painting
Drawing Blind
Subtractive Techniques with Open Acrylics
High Flow Acrlyics
Art Practice Video
 Big Fat Art Weekend, 2014
Reclaim Your Creative Freedom
Ink on Yupo
Deli Paper Prints
Paint Quality
Big Fat Art at AVA
Gel Printing with Chicken
Layering and Making Textures
More Layering Techniques (scratching and scraping)
Hot Glue Stencils
Transparent Acrylic Skins
Series as Process Part 2
Series as Process Part 1
Masking with the Gel Plate
4"x4" art demo
Making Postcards
Plaster and Wax Part 1 
Plaster and Wax Part 2
Visual Journal with Gel Plate
Visual Journal Part 2
Photoshop: Image Montage
 Playing with Ink
Playing with Ink Part 2
Working Large
Ink Doodles
Mounting on Wood Panel
Brayer Technique
Magazine Paper Technique
Resist and Water Technique
Alcohol Technique
Altering Images in Photoshop
Spritz and Blot Gesso Resist, and Freezer Paper Masks
Hand Drawings
Drawing Through Freezer Paper
Drawing Practice: Contours with Brush and Pen
Drawing Practice: Blind Scribble
Drawing Practice: Blind Self Portrait (Letting Go of Looking Good)
Staining Tissue Paper

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