Working In Series

What is a Series?

Simply put, it is a group of pieces based on a common element or group of elements.   You can base a series on subject matter, a technique, a particular set of materials, a group of visual elements, or a compositional format.  A series can be created in an afternoon – as in a group of quick collage studies – or last a lifetime.  Many artists keep several series going throughout their careers.
  • Working in series allows you to explore ideas more thoroughly, give them some breathing room.
  • Working in series gives you the opportunity to try out different solutions to visual “problems”, and explore multiple possibilities.
  • Working in series gives your art practice focus and momentum.  Rather than face the blank canvas with too many possibilities to choose from, the parameters of your series create clarity of intention.
  • By considering the series the basic unit of art making, you lose the preciousness of the individual piece, the fear of “ruining” it, which can keep you stuck.  Get un-stuck by working in multiples.
  • Committing to a quantity of pieces allows you to push through blocks and discover new solutions.
This is part of an ongoing series of 4"x4" "Teeny Tiny Art".  This group shares a color scheme and a vocabulary of marks:  the grids of circles, the scribbles, etc.  Not every piece has every mark, and some pieces have unique marks.  When working in series, keep the parameters loose in this way - don't cram everything into every piece.  This is what I mean by "breathing room".  
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