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Abstract Painting in Vermont

Composition in painting means the arrangement of elements and their relationships to one another within the frame of the piece. It is not about the interpretation of a painting, or its emotional content, or its references. It is simply the totality of its abstract visual content (whether it is an abstract painting or a representational one).

We ALL lean towards unity, repetition, and cohesiveness. Yet, often, it is the variety, the off-balance, the tension or discord in a piece that makes it compelling. This workshop is meant to bring you up against this tendency towards unity, and challenge you to expand towards variety. We will create many studies at a small scale to explore variety and contrast in many aspects of visual language. Then we will choose a few to translate into a larger scale.

Join me, Jane Davies, for a five-day adventure in abstract painting in beautiful Manchester, Vermont.  We will be using acrylic paints, collage, and drawing materials.  Throughout the workshop I will demonstrate techniques and show examples from my own collection, as well as slide show presentations. Class hours are Monday - Thursday 9:30 - 4:30, Friday 9:00 - 1:00, with a break for lunch each day.

Download Supply List Here.

Download Workshop Requirements Here.

This workshop is open to intermediate- advanced students.

You are intermediate if:

      You are familiar with acrylic paint, have some experience with it.

      You have a basic foundation in composition.

      You are familiar with color vocabulary and color mixing.

      With very few spots available in this workshop preference is given to those that have taken

        previous workshops with me.

Housing and Meals

There are plenty of accommodations in Manchester, very convenient to the workshop venue. Click here for a list of local accommodations. Lunch will be provided Monday - Friday.  The catered meal features the finest of fresh local ingredients at the height of the growing season.  There are a variety of restaurants within walking distance of the workshop venue and accommodations, where you can get breakfast and dinner.  There is also a snack bar in the Manchester Community library, just outside the workshop space.

Important Workshop Information

Taking this workshop is a commitment to attending ALL class hours. Make your travel plans accordingly.

There is NO art supply store in Manchester, so you need to bring all your supplies.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK: Please read the requirements for the workshop, the FAQ's, the supply list and let me know before the workshop if you have any questions.


$675 includes: tuition, materials fee, and five lunches.

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Information about 2019 coming soon!

Composition, Contrast, and Scaling Up