Abstract Painting in Vermont

 August 14 - 18, 2017 - Full!

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Unity, Balance, and other Myths of Abstract Composition

So often we strive for "unity and balance" in composition.  We want our images to "hang together", so we use repetition as a device for balance.   Why is there such compelling urge to repeat ourselves?  This tendency towards Unity and Balance Through Repetition sometimes leads to overly balanced, almost matchy-matchy, pieces that risk being boring or predictable.   And yet, with no repetition at all, a piece risks looking like a junk heap instead of a compelling image. There are so many rules of composition; how can we keep them all straight?  Do we need to obey them at all? 

In this workshop we will open up the exploration of abstract composition beyond the traditional rules and formats.  We will focus on  variety and contrast, and test the limits of repetition and unity.  Find new ways to keep your art practice fresh and exciting, without getting bogged down by "rules" that hold you back, and discover a more personal voice in your painting.

Join me, Jane Davies, for a five-day adventure in abstract painting in beautiful Manchester, Vermont.  We will be using acrylic paints, collage, and drawing materials.  Throughout the workshop I will demonstrate techniques and show examples from my own collection, as well as slide show presentations.  Class hours are 9:30 - 4:30, with a break for lunch; the studio is open until 9:00pm.

Download Supply List Here.

This workshop is open to intermediate students.

You are intermediate if:
  • You are familiar with acrylic paint, have some experience with it.
  • You have a basic foundation in composition.
  • You are familiar with color vocabulary and color mixing.
  • You have taken a previous workshop with me.

Housing and Meals

There are plenty of accommodations in Manchester, very convenient to the workshop venue. Click here for a list of local accommodations. Lunch will be provided Monday - Friday.  The catered meal features the finest of fresh local ingredients at the height of the growing season, and includes gluten-free and vegan options.  There are a variety of restaurants within walking distance of the workshop venue and accommodations, where you can get breakfast and dinner.  There is also a snack bar in the Manchester Community library, just outside the workshop space.


$625 includes: tuition, materials fee (though there is also a supply list),  and five lunches.

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