Half-Day Workshops

The following workshops work really well for evenings or half-days.  Each one fits nicely into a three- to four-hour time slot.


Ever feel intimidated by paint?  Or want to make your own decorative collage papers but don’t know where to start?  This class is for you!  Come in and learn technique after technique, layering them to create rich complex patterns that you can use in your collage, mixed media, fabric-paper, and many other projects.  In the process, we will explore color relationships, pattern, scale, value, and other art elements that will strengthen your foundation for creative expression.

Fresh Paint #6 - 72Layers and Textures

Also available as a one-day workshop

We all love that complex, mysterious look of layering and depth, but how do you achieve it?  The trick is building up those layers gradually, and obscuring previous layers selectively.  Sometimes your finished piece betrays nothing of its original layer. Why put that first layer down if you are only going to cover over it?  The answer is that the first layer is a starting point from which you build subsequent layers, and ultimately end up with a finished piece of art.  All the layers are necessary to the process, even if you can’t see some of them.  In this workshop I will show you many of the techniques I use to create layers and textures that result in rich atmosphere and depth. You will learn how to use your paints and mediums effectively, and you will gain the freedom and spontaneity of a layered approach.

tta85Mini-Collage: On and Off The Grid

The grid gives us a structure within which to experiment freely with compositional elements.  Working with variations on the square and rectangle we will make a series of 4"x4" collages (see the 4"x4"x400 Project) that explore color, pattern, texture, proportion, edge, and relationship of elements.  I will demonstrate my basic collage-painting technique using acrylic paint layered with collage papers.  You will gain a better understanding of composition and collage techniques in a fun, relaxing evening of play and discovery.  


Collage-a-thon is like a roto-tiller in the garden of your art-making practice.  Churn up those ideas, get them out, let them breathe and give life to fresh work.  If you are feeling a bit stale, in a rut, creatively blocked, or just want an evening of fun artistic exploration, this workshop is for you!   Give yourself permission to just create, without judgment, without pausing to decide whether a piece is “good” or “bad”, and without trying to finish each piece perfectly.  I will give you guidelines for each 10K of collages, and we’ll go for quantity here, sheer output; this approach lets you break free of limitations, and gets you out of your comfort zone and into new realms of possibility.

PC39The Art Of The Postcard

Join me for a fun and relaxing evening of artful postcards.  I will demonstrate her favorite techniques for creating (and mailing) 4”x6” art, and share samples from my collection of handmade cards from all over the world.  Use the postcard format for exploring new approaches to composition and expanding your visual vocabulary.  Then send your teeny tiny masterpieces out into the world to light up a friend’s day.  You will gain new tools for making fabulous mail art, and do your part in preserving the art of the hand-written, mailed, card.
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