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Jane Davies offers a variety of collage and painting workshops that are jam packed with ideas, inspiration, and techniques to set you on your own artistic path. No matter what your level of experience, whether you are a novice looking for a creative outlet or a seasoned artist needing a boost of inspiration, you’ll find something new and surprising to fill your creative well in a workshop with Jane Davies.  

Check the schedule frequently, as workshops are added periodically. To offer a Jane Davies workshop at your arts center, school, or community center, or to sign up for a scheduled workshop, contact Jane Davies.

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I am so inspired to create now that I have returned from my art retreat, Collage Journeys, in Rupert, Vermont. Being with Jane her in person far exceeds anything that could ever be learned in a book (But buy “Collage Journeys” anyway….it’s fantastic!) Not only was her studio so welcoming and easy to work in, but Jane is a host beyond compare! The workshop was….in a word, PERFECT! - Marianne Mullen

Jane’s teaching moved me ahead in the work I am trying to do. Now I feel free to use paint and rip things up and cover things. I always wondered how people got those interesting layered backgrounds for collages, and now I know some ways. It was great to try things I had only read about in her excellent book, “Collage Journeys”. Sometimes I feel my work is out in left field, compared to what others are doing, because I just go my own way and follow my own leading, but I felt that Jane understood what I am attempting to do, and that meant a lot to me. - Deborah Simmerman

We have marveled at how fluidly you eased us all into having such a good time, and how helpful all your techniques are. Your teaching style, full of wonderful ideas, so liberating and exhilarating, gave me a direction to go in. - Meg White