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The following is a sampling of workshops I offer, not a comprehensive list. They are in one- to five-day formats (specified under the title).

Abstract Art by Jane Davies, Artist

To some, the idea of "Creating a Series" can be intimidating. It sounds so serious, and perhaps monumental. I am offering this workshop to emphasize the series as a way to format your art practice, rather than a method of creating a group of finished pieces. Working in series gives your art practice focus and momentum; rather than face the blank canvas with too many possibilities to choose from, the parameters of a series create clarity of a starting point. By considering the series the basic unit of art making, you shed the preciousness of the individual piece, the fear of “ruining” it, which can keep you stuck. Get un-stuck by working in multiples.

Using acrylic paints, collage, and drawing media, we will work in multiples based on specific guidelines and examples. As the workshop progresses, you will work more independently, setting your own parameters and starting points. Most importantly you will learn the practice of working in series as a way to keep your creativity alive and thriving!

This is a two-day to five-day workshop

If you feel like you’ve been playing it safe in your art, or that you are in a rut with predictable paintings, this workshop will shake up your practice and get you well out of your comfort zone. You will gain the courage to make bold moves and dramatic shifts in your pieces as you let go of the preciousness of each mark. In addition to the new techniques in collage and painting, this workshop offers a radically freeing approach to composition.

We begin each piece with multiple layers of collage, which in itself is an exciting visual journey. Then we sand through the

This is a five-day workshop

How do you make good art? How do you make art that is truly yours? My view is that there are no tricks, gimmicks, or shortcuts to this elusive goal: it just takes a lot of art making to cultivate your inner awareness of who you are as an artist. Fortunately, making a lot of art is fun, if you can let go of the expectations and negative voices (that inner critic!) that get

Image of a grouping of art pieces by abstract artist Jane Davies

This is a two-day to five-day workshop

Discover a whole new world of artistic possibility when you combine collage and paint with monoprinting techniques. First we will layer colors, patterns, and textures on the GelliArts gel plate to create gorgeously printed collage papers. Then we will integrate monoprint and collage techniques using masks and stencils, to build images directly on a paper substrate.  The boundaries between painting, monoprinting, and collage disappear as you gain a fluidity of process and an exciting new means of creative expression.

This is a five-day workshop.

In this workshop we explore the idea that working in series is a process. Whether the resulting pieces “hang together” or not is secondary to the notion that this process gives you breathing room to explore multiple possibilities, try out different solutions to visual “problems”, and develop confidence in uncertainty.

Abstract Painting: Deep Dive into Series Work

Radical Layering

100 Drawings, Paintings, and Explorations

Monoprint Collage

This is a two-day to five-day workshop

Composition in painting means the arrangement of elements and their relationships to one another within the frame of the piece.

​It is not about the interpretation of a painting, or its emotional content, or its references.  It is simply the totality of its abstract visual content (whether it is an abstract painting or a representational one).

I find contrast to be the most useful overarching principle in composition.  You can look at many aspects of a painting through

Abstract Painting: Composition and Contrast

in your way. In this workshop we will focus on quantity – making a lot of pieces from a given starting point. The pieces don’t have to be “good”; they don’t even have to be finished. By focusing on quantity, you begin to let go of the constant judgment and evaluation that can get you stuck, and you get the practice you need to  move through the ordinary frustrations of making art.

We will also have a chance to slow down and go deeper into the work as well. Loosen up, be expansive and generous with yourself, and have fun! This is an intermediate course, open to those with familiarity with acrylic painting materials and basic understanding of color. If you have taken any courses in painting, or had at least some experience with the medium, you qualify.

the lens of how much or how little contrast you have, and greatly increase your understanding of composition. ​

​We ALL lean towards unity, repetition, and cohesiveness.  Yet, often, it is the variety, the off-balance, the tension or discord in a piece that makes it compelling.

We do not necessarily see this; we see a piece that we "like" without noticing that it's the VARIETY, the differences, the contrasts that make it strong.  This workshop is meant to bring you up against this tendency towards unity, and challenge you to expand towards variety.

Live Workshop Descriptions

Kitchen Table Art

Mix-it-up Mark Making

This is a workshop in making art with portable, non-messy, minimal supplies: “Dry” painting, it has been called. No buckets of water or tubes of paint necessary, and “clean-up” is a snap.

Learn how to make expressive images wherever you are – on a plane, in a café, on the beach, in a cabin, or at your kitchen table – without compromising intensity of color or quality of the work. Discover new, convenient, art materials and techniques for quick, on-the-go, art sessions. I work in abstract imagery but feel to work in whatever genre you like.

We all make marks of one kind of another, whether doodling while on the phone, drawing a map or diagram, or making art.

This is a Mark Making Marathon which will help you loosen up and step up the momentum of your art practice. In this workshop you will explore a wide variety of materials and discover techniques through which you can expand on your unique expression. Instead of going on autopilot when making marks, become conscious of their character, their expressive qualities, and then expand your vocabulary beyond the predictable.

Build dynamic images by emphasizing contrasting marks, rather than repetitive ones. Make lines, scribbles, masses,

drips, splatters, transfers (transferring paint from one surface to another), collage, and more, using acrylic based paints, inks, drawing materials, papers, and your imagination.

layers (by hand and with a power sander), peel back the papers, rub away paint with alcohol, and generally excavate the surface revealing the complexity beneath. We repeat the collage layering, including applications of paint, gesso, marks, splatters, drips and scribbles.  And then excavate… continuing to build up and tear down layers as the images gradually emerge. This process encourages you to let go of judgement and become attuned to the visual interplay between color and surface, line and form, texture and pattern. Working on multiple pieces at once allows time for the layers to dry and the ideas to blossom.

The Visual Sentence

Printmaking and Collage with Jane Davies

Discover a whole new world of artistic possibility when you remove the boundaries of the canvas or substrate and string your pieces together like words in a sentence. We will make individual prints using the gel plate*, hand-carved foam plates, and OPEN acrylic paints on Masa paper**. Each print is a part of a whole, not a whole image, and you can mix and match to your

delight! You will make many prints in order to generate a plethora of possibilities when it comes to putting them together.

This class is open to those with some experience with gel plate printing. I will review the basics only briefly on the first day to establish a framework for going forward. You can find loads of tutorials online at the GelliArts website and blog, or download my Monoprint Collage class here: http://janedaviesstudios.com/workshops/online-workshops/

*synthetic gelatin printing plate, available from various manufacturers. I recommend Gelli Arts or Gel Press, not Speedball.

** I will supply the Masa

You can see the supply list here.