grid shotThank you for visiting my site.  Though it may sound cliché, for me, art is definitely a journey. My journey has taken me from being a potter to freelance artist to artist-author-teacher, with interwoven avenues of bookbinding, print-making, beading, painting, textile art, design, and other means of creating.
Every day of this journey offers new possibilities; I go to the studio to see what will happen rather than to make something specific happen. I may start with an idea, but once I engage with the materials and become absorbed in the process, the muses take over. On a good day, that is. Some days I just show up, do all the same things, and nothing surprising or interesting happens. Still, I believe that the act of showing up and engaging is the most important activity I can do as an artist.
I love teaching! I have learned so much from my students and am very grateful to all who have come to my workshops. Please e-mail me if you have a suggestion for a workshop or would like to host one.