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No matter what format or style my work takes, the pivot point of my visual explorations is sameness and difference. I like assembling a collection of visual elements that are markedly different from each other, like putting together a dinner party of people that have wildly different backgrounds and interests, to see what happens. I want to be surprised by the conversations or juxtapositions of my visual cast of characters, and then see how I can relate them to one another formally.

Recently I’ve been exploring much more subtle differences and contrasts within a repeated-form format, that of Stripes. This well-defined and familiar format offers the opportunity to delve deeply into the nuanced variations of color, value, quality of edge, texture, and so forth. I’m constantly surprised by the rage of expressive possibility in such a simple form. I feel that the repeated element – whether stripes, circles, marks, or a grid of rectangles – connects to the universality of mark-making and pattern. It puts painting on a comfortable continuum with textiles and other decorative arts, and yet challenges the painter (me) to create images that are compelling beyond the simplicity of mere repetition.


Artist's Statement

Jane Davies, artist

Jane Davies Abstract Artist painting

"I just wanted to send a quick, but heartfelt, thank you for the wonderful workshop in Middlebury on Saturday.  Although it seems silly in retrospect, I was nervous about attending -- as I think I mentioned, all my painting has been solitary and mostly self-taught, with the exception of your videos and a few other things I've picked up from books and such.  So I didn't know what to expect from the experience.  But the exercises, and especially your feedback on the pieces I was working on and the others I'd brought with me, was genuinely eye-opening.  In just a few minutes, you were able to get right to the heart of something I'd been struggling with, and point me in a direction that felt like progress rather than the aimless wandering I'd been doing." ~ Susan

Jane Davies is a full-time painter. Beginning as a potter in the early nineties, Davies transitioned into freelance art, using painting and collage as her medium. Since 2010 she has been teaching abstract painting workshops nationwide and online, as well as making art full time. She has written five instructional books, produced one instructional DVD, and offers many demonstration videos on social media.