Always seeking visual surprises, my method is to group elements that don’t ‘go together’ in a mixy-matchy way. I try to put together disparate elements, as if they washed up on the beach in a random arrangement, and then see how they speak to each other.


Jane Davies is a full-time painter. Beginning as a potter in the early nineties, Davies transitioned into freelance art, using painting and collage as her medium. Since 2010 she has been teaching abstract painting workshops in North America and online, as well as making art full time. She has written five instructional books, produced one instructional DVD, and offers many demonstration videos on social media.

Artist's Statement

Color, line, shapes, splashes, textures, patterns – the components of visual language - are my gateway drug, along with the sheer yumminess of art materials. I’m hooked on the process of playing with paint-paper-crayon-ink-graphite and exploring the expressive possibilities.