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September 5, - October 3, 2024

Writing a Meaningful Artist's Statement

A 4-week workshop with a Zoom every Thursday (we skip the week of 9/26/24).

Writing a good, honest, and meaningful artist’s statement isn't easy. Go beyond the generic and tap into the soul of your artwork. This four-session workshop guides you through a profound exploration of your creative motivations and inspirations. Unearth the resonant themes that make your art uniquely yours, and distill them into a powerful, authentic artist's statement that leaves a lasting impression.

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September 14 - 20, 2025

The Visual Sentence: Printmaking & Collage

Discover a whole new world of artistic possibility when you remove the boundaries of the canvas or substrate and string your pieces together like words in a sentence. We will make individual prints using the gel plate, and OPEN acrylic paints on various papers. Each print is a part of a whole, not a whole image, and you can mix and match to your delight!

Hudson River Valley Art Workshops, Greenville, NY

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August 25 - 30, 2024

Mixed Media Drawing

Free your creative spirit and discover practices that take the intimidation factor out of drawing. Find out what happens if you draw without looking at your paper, use a tool you can’t control, draw over collage, with thread, without a subject, inside and outside the lines.

Omega, Rhinebeck, NY

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Ongoing - on Skillshare

Abstract Collage: Creating Compositions with Tissue Paper

This workshop is on Skillshare. Composition is perhaps the most elusive aspect of abstract painting. Since there is no specific object depicted in an abstract piece, composition -  the way the elements work together on the canvas or page -  takes a central role. In this Skillshare class I want to demystify some of the main components of abstract composition, making it accessible to anyone.

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August 2, 2024

Mixing and Modifying Colors in Acrylic Paints Zoom Workshop

A 1.5 hour Zoom workshop from 4 - 5:30 PM Eastern Time

Knowing your paints and your pigments is essential to making your colors work for you. In this 90-

minute zoom class I’ll show you how to mix any color and how to modify the colors you already have

in your palette.

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September 23 - 27, 2024

Mixed Media Collage and Mark Making

Learn to get past your negative inner voices and move forward boldly in your art with collage and mark making. I believe that mixing materials and techniques – painting, collage, and drawing – is one good way to gain more fluidity and freedom in your art making.

Good News! A change in policy at MISA Bar Harbor Location has allowed them to accept Day Students for this workshop.

MISA East, Bar Harbor, Maine

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