Color Mixing in Acrylics: Focus on Neutrals

Friday, June 2, 2023 from 4 pm - 6:00 pm EDT

A 2- hour Zoom workshop with Jane Davies

Love those bright juicy luminous colors of azure, magenta, green-gold, brilliant yellow? Gray and beige not so exciting? If you love bright colors, believe it or not this workshop is for you. The key to making bright colors really sing is pairing them with interesting neutrals: grays, off-whites, beiges, and browns.

In this workshop we will learn how mix an exciting variety of tonal grays, rich browns, and muted hues. Through a slide show, we’ll explore the roles that neutrals can play in bold, bright works, as well as softer, quieter pieces.

You’ll gain a deeper appreciation of neutrals, and the skills to create your own personal palette. This workshop is for intermediate level students, those already familiar with basic color mixing skills and basic color vocabulary.

** This Zoom workshop will be recorded, so should you miss the live session you can still view the workshop recording. We will send it out to all registered participants the day after the workshops takes place.

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