Sketchbook Practice

A sketchbook can have many roles in an artist’s practice. In this workshop we are using it as a playground of visual ideas, a place to let your muse take over, and a workhorse for developing drawing, painting, and collage skills. It is for nobody else’s eyes but your own, unless you choose to share. No matter what your level of experience is, give your inner artist a little breathing room beginning with The Sketchbook Practice Workshop. You will get a creative workout, but in a relaxed, supportive setting, where experimentation and play are encouraged.

Each of the six lessons offers drawing practice exercises, introduces a new material or technique, and challenges you to work in an open-ended way. The Sketchbook Practice Workshop will give you the tools and the confidence you need to keep creativity in your life!

This workshop is six lessons, each consisting of of illustrated instructions in pdf format, and a video demonstration for all but one week. All the lessons and video links are included in the package. Enjoy!

          A downloadable work at your own pace workshop

          6 Lessons and 5 videos


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